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Baby Checklist

Magazine after magazine will have you inundated with what you think you need to have in order for the arrival of that special new family member. But there are avenues people often overlook when they’re in the baby business. What do we mean by this? Think of some of these alternative points for a baby checklist!


Is your car right?
Don’t spend your first few days as a parent scrambling around different stores getting the car fitted out. A good baby seat and a little space you can store the essentials in will help prevent you from having a massive burden.


Is your home right?
A baby on the way means you need a lot of room to put everything. If you’re living somewhere that is already a little bit cramped, it might be time to call a good local estate agency and look at some bigger houses for your rapidly expanding family.


Is your crib ready?
It’s the first thing to keep you up at night. Questions like ‘Did I close I right? Will they be ok?’ are absolutely normal to have when putting the baby in the crib. But before the baby even makes their arrival, get familiar with working the crib and checking everything is ok. Cement that thought in your head and you’ll do just fine.

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